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How do you do a virtual reading

How can you do a Reading Virtually?

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Does it matter if I receive a reading in person or online? Is my Psychic near or far from me, and does distance matter?


One of the most common misconceptions I see and hear about Mediumship/Psychic readings are that they must be done by a local psychic and in person in order to be accurate or real. I've had clients who were perhaps looking for a "Toronto Psychic" and then found me and were not sure it would work.   This is simply not the case and if you really think about it, doesn’t make much sense once you have an understanding of how communicating with Spirit works. The language of Spirit is energy and energy is communicated to us by Spirit via our intuition, thoughts and feelings.

When we think of or are feeling something about our loved one in Spirit, we are inviting their energy to us in that moment. I always like to tell my clients that ‘Spirit is a thought away!’. When you walk into a room and feel like something is off, that is the energy of the room and your intuition communicating with you. Perhaps alerting you to something.  Another example of how energy is communicated is when you are thinking of a friend and they keep popping into your thoughts. You think to yourself ‘I must reach out and see how they are’ and then you randomly bump into them or they call you out of the blue. You didn’t have to be together to have that connection. We are all energetic beings and we communicate with each other energetically ALL THE TIME, most of the time not even realizing it.   When an energy sensitive person such as a Psychic Medium connects with you or your loved one in Spirit, they are intentionally connecting to that energy. Intentionality is a big word in my practice as I believe that this work is best based on intentions.  Intention combined with the Mediums’ natural skills, abilities and life experiences creates a channel directly to the Spirit World. An example of the impact of intention can be seen in my own journey into Mediumship.

When I was 38, my father passed away very unexpectedly. We lived in different provinces and he was not expected to live long enough for me to come to him and say goodbye in person. I had to do so over the phone. In those moments on the phone with my unconscious father, I was given one of the greatest gifts of my life. The awareness that I could communicate with his Spirit. His passing was the catalyst that helped me see that I had always been sensitive to the Spirit world. I just didn’t put all the pieces together before this. That awareness of my abilities set the tone for my intention to connect with Spirit. I always had the ability but I didn’t have the awareness therefore I didn’t know to intentionally connect.  My sensitivities before I had this awareness felt very overwhelming and that I believe is due to the fact that I was unaware in the first place!   All of this to say, energy is universal. It is not based in time or space. For me and for the Spirit world it does not matter if you and I are sitting across from each other in the same room or half way across the world via the internet. Remember the language of Spirit is energy and that’s communicated with our intuition, thoughts and feelings. This is why it does not matter how or where you do the reading.  Now, you, the client may have a personal preference and that is really where this comes in to play. If you would feel more comfortable sitting in the same space as your Medium, then you may feel more relaxed and comfortable with opening up to this experience. Others prefer to be in the comfort of their own homes and connect with their chosen Medium in an online space. Ultimately, it is whatever you feel that you would be the most comfortable BUT to me, the medium and your loved ones in Spirit it doesn’t matter one bit. We just want you to be comfortable and open to the experience.