What is a Past Life Reading?

Have you ever wondered who you have been at a Soul level before you were you? In a past life reading, I will tap into the energy of your Soul from previous lives & channel incredible healing and validating evidence for you. Fears, hobbies, family dynamics, soul lessons and challenges are examples of the type of information that will come through.

There is a common thread that connects each life that your Soul has lived and in this unique offering, Amy can tap into what that is for you.

A past lives reading is a good choice if:

  • You are curious/interested in learning more about your past lives

  • You are hoping to uncover patterns/cycles in your life that may stem from a past life; or

  • You are wanting to validate things like - if the things you love to do/are interested in, you’ve done in a past life; if a certain place in the world that feels like home, was home in a past life for example