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If you wish to connect to a loved one in Spirit, you are looking for a Mediumship reading. If you are seeking clarity and guidance about your life, choose an Intuitive Guidance reading. Past life readings connect to your previous lives and bring forth evidence of commonalities between lives and things that may be needing to be healed. Higher Self readings bring forth your unique Soul’s skills, impact, challenges, etc. I also offer some combination sessions if you would prefer more than one type at once.

Yes! There is an add on option you can chose at time of booking to have me record your session. It costs $10 to record and have me process & upload it for you. Be sure to click that add on when booking your session if this is what you’d like.
 Your privacy is of the upmost importance to me – your session recordings will not be used or shared by me ever.

I do not believe there is a set guideline on this. In my experience, it’s dependent on you, the client. Are you ready to hear from your loved one in this way? It’s important that you process your grief and feel open and ready for the experience before you book a session. That being said, I’ve connected to passed loved ones for clients within days of their passing.

In all of my years of doing readings for the public, I have never done a reading where my clients loved ones have not come forward.  Someone connected to you in the Spirit world will absolutely come forward to talk to you.

No, I don’t need to see or hear anything about your loved one in order to connect with them. They are connected to you, forever. Your intention to hear from them is all I need.

It’s very rare that the person a client is most wanting to hear from does not come through on their own.  I always ask for your highest and best good in every reading and I trust that your loved ones on the other side know exactly who and what you need to hear.  Trust that what you need to hear will always come through!

Please let me know ahead of time if you plan to have another person in the room with you. If I don’t know they are there, I could be picking up on their energy or loved ones and it could get confusing. If you chose a reading for ONE, then I will only be reading for one person. If your support person would also like to receive messages and guidance, you will need to book at reading for TWO.

Absolutely! It’s okay to feel however you feel. I often feel all of the emotions too! If you are feeling especially fearful, I would suggest postponing the reading until you feel a little less afraid. Nerves and fear are not the same thing.

I’m very happy to accommodate you if you need to reschedule to another date. However, I do require 24 hours notice to do so. I do not take same day cancellations or no shows. If you fail to give me notice that you will not be there or you do not show up, I do not offer rescheduling or refunds.

No, I do not offer refunds.  If you are feeling unsure about booking, I would advise you to wait until you feel you can commit to your session.

I am open 10-2:30 pm Mon-Thurs and every Friday evening for readings. I occasionally will open up another evening appointment by request. Reach out to see if I can accommodate your request.

At this time, I offer my services virtually (Zoom). Upon booking, you will receive an appointment confirmation and a joining link. Click that link to join the session at the time of your appointment.