What is a Deep Soul Reading?

Who you've been, who you are and where you are going!

Attention Cycle Breakers!!! This one is especially for you. A Soul Session is a combination of an Intuitive Guidance AND Past Lives Reading! Who you've been and where you are going! The potential for growth in this offering is staggering!

Book a Soul Session if:

  • You feel stuck/unsure and need assistance on how to move forward.

  • You are going through a big life transition or feel like you are at a crossroads and are looking for validation & encouragement and/or assistance on making a decision.
  • You want Soul-led guidance about your life path, spiritual journey, calling and/or purpose.  You are curious about what’s probable to come in the future for you.

  • You are curious/interested in learning more about your past lives.

  • You are hoping to uncover patterns/cycles in your life that may stem from a past life; or

  • You are wanting to validate things like - if the things you love to do/are interested in, you’ve done in a past life; if a certain place in the world that feels like home, was home in a past life for example.

$316 - $344 CAD