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You’ve asked. You’ve been waiting. It’s here again!

How wonderful would it be to begin each month of 2024 with channeled, 'personalized just for you' guidance from a professional psychic medium?

If this sounds like something you would love, this is the offering for you!

In this one time video recording, Amy will pull a tarot/oracle card for you for EACH month AND channel guidance for you. What to expect and how you can best align with your month is the goal and what you can expect.

You can watch this video all in one sitting or watch every month separately. Your recording will never be deleted and you can watch as many times as you'd like.

This offering sells out quickly and will not be offered again this year.


$222 CAD

  • 10 slots available
  • 1 Video
  • 12 Monthly Readings
  • Delivered by 31 December 2023


$222 CAD

  • 6 slots available
  • 1 Video
  • 12 Monthly Readings
  • Delivered by 15 January 2024

Reviews of this Offering

  • Amy's Yearly Guidance package was the best gift I've given myself in years. I can honestly say that by the third week of every month I was counting down the days until my next mini reading was delivered to my inbox.

  • She is insightful, uplifting, always on point (shockingly so) and just pure magic in every way. I will DEFINITELY be signing up for this offer, and many others, again.

  • I loved receiving the monthly Tarot reading from Amy. So many things were spot on and I couldn’t wait for them to drop in every month. I’ve gone back to listen to them again and Wow! Was I blown away by what she had to share. Thanks Amy for all your compassion and guidance this year.

  • This offering and being and to participate it in was very cool. Knowing that at the beginning of each month there would be a video message from you with a tarot card and some guidance of what to think about the month ahead, brought comfort and reassurance. Every single month you were spot on with the theme and the vibe.

  • I have been following Amy for quite some time on IG and FB. She had posted that there was one spot left to sign up for a monthly guidance for 2023. I thought it was meant to be since I was looking for some insight in my life at the time and didn’t know where to look for it. I didn’t want to lose out on a great opportunity considering the timing it came up in my life. I honestly didn’t know what to expect considering I have never had a reading with her before. I thought “hey, it’s worth a shot plus it was a great deal.”

  • Wow, I didn’t realize how a short monthly reading provides such great advice and guidance. This was something I ended up looking forward to at the end of the month and it is nice to be able to listen to it again if needed since it was recorded.

  • Amy has such a calm and healing energy about her. She probably doesn’t realize how her monthly sessions (even as it was a few minutes) made my day much better. I am forever grateful for her gift. I highly recommend this to others and if you get a chance to sign up just like me than you will def not regret it.

  • Monthly tarot readings have been a highlight of 2023 for me. They always come with at least one point that helps to plan guide my month ahead. I love to go back after the month again to listen, always validates that spirit is leading my life!

  • I feel privileged to be part of this experience. Every month I look forward to your mini reading. You are so spot on! I also appreciate the heads up regarding the overall theme of the month.

  • cherish the fact that you sometimes share your personal experiences to tie-in the message you’re conveying. Love your delivery and approach. Thank you for using your gift for the greater good