Intuitive Guidance Reading

Intuitive Guidance is an incredible blending of channeled psychic information & evidence-past, current & future and intuitive soul guidance that your Soul longs to hear in order to heal and grow.  In an intuitive guidance reading, Amy will channel evidence of your life (past, current, future) AND provide you the steps you need to be able to be your best self. This is not your standard psychic reading...It's SO much more.

Amy offers Intuitive Guidance one on one, couples, and groups. Both pre-recorded (This is an excellent option for those that may be in different time zones) and LIVE.

If your curious how I can do a LIVE reading over the internet please check out my blog post.

Intuitive Guidance is a good choice if:

  • Do you feel stuck/unsure and need assistance on how to move forward?

  • Are you going through a big life transition or feel like you are at a crossroads and are looking for validation & encouragement and/or assistance on making a decision?

  • Do you want Soul-led guidance about your life path, spiritual journey, calling and/or purpose?: or

  • Are you curious about what may to come in the future for you?