Want to Connect to Your Inner Child?

In this 60 min 1:1 session, Amy will connect to your inner child and channel information that you need to know to heal and release what's needed in order for you to move forward.

Amy will focus on energy blockages, cycles and patterns that run in your life and/or family lineage, events /emotions from your younger years that have led to your current feelings and/or situations.

This is the ultimate in healing and so incredibly life changing & valuable.

Book an Inner Child Session if:

  • You feel stuck/unsure about and need assistance on how to move forward on your healing journey .

  • You are aware or suspect that you’ve experienced things in your younger years that are now holding you back or affecting your health (physical/mental/emotional) and you are ready to release it for good.

  • You are curious about what cycles/patterns show up in your energy as karmic lessons - past life, ancestral and current life experiences may come forward.

  • You are ready to change your relationship with your past in order to heal yourself currently and moving forward.