What is a Higher Self Reading?

Have you ever wondered what your Soul gifts are? What did you come here to do or feel or be? What lessons you are here to learn in this lifetime? What does your energy feel like to other people and how you impact them? The challenges you are here to overcome and your Soul's life goals and intentions in this lifetime?

A Higher Self reading is the ultimate in feeling SEEN and supported and will provide you with channeled guidance answering all of these questions and more revealing to you, your Soul's energetic blueprint

Book a Higher Self Reading if:

  • You are curious about your Soul gifts (What am I truly gifted at).

  • You are curious about your Soul’s challenges and potential energy blocks (What am I here to learn and overcome? How can I do so?).

  • You are curious about your Soul’s intentions in this lifetime (What did I come here to do / feel / experience / become?).