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New Year, More Me

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Happy New Year to YOU!

I am so grateful to have you here, along for the journey!

Most of you have heard the phrase “New Year, New Me” and I would hazard a guess that most of you have attached meaning to that, whether consciously or not. 

When you think of a ‘New Year, New Me’ do you think of all of the things you need to do to become more of something you are currently not?

I know, I used to feel this way and it may have motivated me for a few weeks at best and then I’d fizzle out and just go back to being me.

Another 365 days would fly by as they always do and I’d think “Still the same old me.”

As if that was a failure!!

My connection to Spirit/Source/God/Universe has shown me that it is never a failure to be you. How could it be?

What if the whole point of your life was to stay aligned with you who inherently are?

What if you were never meant to constantly strive on the hamster wheel of life, trying desperately to keep up with Jones (who the heck are the Jones anyway?)?

What if all of that pressure and conditioning and constant societal bombarding was all along a test?

A test for your soul/higher self from your soul/higher self.

Still with me?

…okay, good :)

You are here in this life to stay aligned with who you are.

In the face of and in spite of everything around you telling you that you need to be something harder, better, faster, stronger (reminds me of an old daft punk song ha!) the whole point was to learn ‘Nope, I’m good!’

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have goals and aspirations. To want to grow and evolve and learn.

Of course, you want to do that. But you need to find balance between what you do and who you are.

You need to make sure that what you are aspiring towards makes sense for who you already are.

Something that I’ve personally been learning from my own guides for the last year has been about integrating energy. When we make a brave choice or decision, we often expect immediate relief and gratification and sometimes we get it. But more often than not, we actually begin to doubt ourselves and wonder if maybe we were too impulsive or maybe we just made the wrong choice.

There was an energy that kept you in the old choice/decision. And now there is a new energy with the new choice/decision. 

There is always an integration period. 

One where you shed the old energy and integrate the new. If you rush through this period and rush back into the old situation you left, you will very likely still feel all of the things that made you want to leave it in the first place.  Allow yourself the time to integrate into the new energy, friends. Don’t rush it. 

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because it’s essential in understanding how to fully trust in your own inner knowing and stay true to yourself. Don’t give up just as you about to level up and get comfy in that new energy.

I recently pulled a Soul’s journey lesson card for 2023 for the collective, all of us, and that lesson is PEACE.

In 2023 we are being asked to find peace within ourselves. Because peace begins within. You won’t find peace out there. On the hamster wheel.

Ask yourself where it is that you feel the most peace in your life and reflect on that. What is it about that area of your life that makes you feel peaceful. Uncover the layers. The answer is under there.

Now ask yourself what area in your life you feel the least peace. That’s where your work this year lies. That’s where your ‘goal’ is.

And it’s never gonna be about doing/being more of something. It’s gonna be about how to best align your environment with you are already are.

What if we re-framed ‘New Year, New Me’ to “New Year, More Aligned Me”…..

New Year, More Peaceful Me

New Year, More Loving Me

New Year, More ME!

Amy x