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Do Psychic mediums read your mind?

Can a Psychic read my mind?

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One of the most common things I hear is can you read people's minds? Can you tap into that? Is mind reading a thing? Are you always connected? Do you know what I'm thinking?

No I can’t, nor do I want to. No, Thank You.

I don't think that's really the proper way to utilize this kind of sensitivity, I would question anybody if they said that they could read everything about you and your thoughts without you giving permission to them.

I would question that a little bit as a medium. I’m not saying I don't kind of pick up on things I certainly do, but I believe it's through the lens of me.

I might have my spidey senses might go off and I might get a feeling this isn't the right person for you or this isn't the right job for you this isn't the right environment for you.

I can certainly pick up on things like that and maybe I would pick up on why it might not be the right person for me or why it might not be the right job for me based on the dynamic between me and this other person. I might experience why it wouldn't work out but that's through the lens of me personally and how it affects me it's not me just dropping in and eavesdropping on somebody else's stream of consciousness.

Whenever I'm doing an Intuitive Guidance Reading which others might call a psychic based reading (I don't call it that simply because I’m not just a predictive Reader, I always back it up with some guidance of “how does that happen” or “how do I make that happen” ) somebody might ask “there's this guy I'm seeing what comes through about him”. I'm always very careful to say if I am tapping into somebody else's energy that hasn't given permission for me to do so then the information that comes through is through the lens of YOUR higher self.

What you already know about that other person maybe even if it's conscious information so it's through the lens of what you already know rather than like me tapping into some random person's energy that has not given permission for me to do so.

I'm sure you've seen different shows in which a medium or psychic is reading random people at a restaurant or at a grocery store, that to me I feel is probably something they do for the show to give it a scene some material. I don't really believe that any reputable medium or psychic would randomly go up to people and say “this is what I feel is happening with you” or “i feel like your grandmother is here with me”

I truly believe that this work is based on intention, not to say that you might not get a sense that somebody's loved one is with you, but it's not really in my opinion, it's not really your right to share that information if they don't ask for it.

You never know where somebody is in their life. You never know how they feel about that situation, you don't know if they are like deep in the throes of grief and that you are actually going to destroy them today by giving them that information.

If I ever kind of pick up on somebody's loved one and they haven't sought me out and booked a reading it's just a random thing. I always mentally say to that spirit person “You make this connection happen right, you make that connection happen between us, you organize this in some way and I will absolutely give your messages but I’m not doing it without permission”.

so can psychics read everybody's mind. No, I don't think so and I don't think that we should.