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Do you hear your internal self?
What is Clairvoyance?
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Clairvoyance is one of the more well known psychic abilities and means ‘clear seeing’.

Clairvoyance means that you’re able to receive information through extra sensory perception and can see images, visions, symbols, colours, etc. in your minds eye or third eye. I truly believe that those of us who would resonate with being highly imaginative ...

4 Steps to Manifest Love the Right Way
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Manifestation has become a mainstream topic of conversation and a ‘buzz word’ term in the last few years.

No longer is the concept of manifestation just a ‘New Age’ one. Manifestation seems to have become everyone’s goal but to actually manifest something or someone into our life, we must understand what it truly means.

Manifesting ...
Channeling mediumship as a communication
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Phone calls, text messages, emails, video, radio, social media - these are types of channels for communication. These channels for communication are mediums for information to be sent to its intended audience.

A psychic medium is another type of medium for communication; sending information from one party, to be sent to another.

We ...

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A few weeks back, I took part in a virtual Ocean of Holy Love Holy Fire Reiki experience that my friend Kate was hosting. This was the third time I've taken part in one of these sessions with Kate and every time is MIND BLOWING, I'll tell ya.

Kate's gentle voice led us into a meditative state and away we went! We had about twenty minutes ...