Interested in spirituality, but feel it can be a little too 'woowoo' at times?

Amy Brookes and Erin Marie are two of the most down to earth, everyday gals around and they happen to spend their days talking to the dead! Pull up a chair and join these laid back ladies as they break down misconceptions, spread a little sunshine and bring spirituality back down to earth.

Amy & Erin's Backstory

In 2021, while brainstorming ideas for a future podcast it all came together with one line - “You can sit with us.” Many of us have heard of the line “You can’t sit with us” in the movie 'Mean Girls’, right? Amy and Erin know what its like to feel outside of the norm and confused in our own spiritual journey.

What if we were able to provide an open, safe and lighthearted space for others on their spiritual journey?

What if we promoted kindness and inclusion and flipped the switch to “Heck YES!, You CAN sit with us!”

And with that, The Soul Rising Podcast was born.

Soul Rising creators and co-hosts, Amy Brookes and Erin Marie are professional psychic mediums who together, have a decade of experience working in their field.

They met through the power of social media and quickly realized they had been reunited with a member of their Soul family. You know when you meet someone and you just instantly click? That’s how it felt right from the get go.

With very aligned belief systems and the ability to connect to the Spirit world in very similar ways, they’ve worked together numerous times hosting group mediumship events.

Amy and Erin both appreciate you taking the time to listen to our little podcast. If you would like to support it, consider clicking the button below