Are you a lightworker?

What is a Lightworker?

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Have you heard of the term Lightworker before?
What does it mean?

If you are anything like I was at the beginning of my spiritual journey, you may be thinking “Nope, I have no idea!”

I couldn’t find an official definition in the dictionary however, a quick Google Search will bring up many results. As with all definitions, many began as a personal opinion or idea about what a word means and over time and through use, it becomes widely known and accepted.

Lightworker is one of those terms that many in the Spiritual community may use and be familiar with but perhaps with their own personal spin.

Rebecca Campbell is a Modern Mystic who has published a number of books and oracle decks. Her definition of a Lightworker resonates deeply with me.

According to Rebecca's website she gives this definition of what it means to be a Lightworker

"They know that we are all interconnected and that their presence has the potential to create a positive change. They have made the conscious decision to devote their life to following what lights them up and by default, to lighting up the world with their presence. They understand that their actions (no matter how big or small) have the potential to create change.”

My personal interpretation is very similar to Rebecca's and is as follows.

I believe a Lightworker is simply someone who has the awareness that we are all connected, collectively, and that everyone and everything in ones life is a 'breadcrumb' leading you towards greater clarity and understanding. I believe that as a Lightworker, you would not only develop this awareness, you would also intentionally follow those breadcrumbs and share that light with others.

I am not one to subscribe to the 'Light and Love' movement that is so popular in mainstream Spiritual circles. I believe that we must face the darkness in our lives and our 'Shadows' to be able to fully transmute the light that is within us. We cannot shine as brightly as we could or be as impactful as we are meant to be if we’re only focusing on the good parts of life and ignore the more challenging ones. Living that way, I believe, only further disconnects us from our light and keeps us running on the hamster wheel of life. Your Soul's gifts and intentions as well as your Soul's challenges is something I tap into with my clients when I do Higher Self Readings.

A Lightworker accepts their humanness. Part of being human is to experience all human emotions including hurt and to make mistakes at times. If we were all meant to be perfect, do you think we'd come to the earth plane where we live in a constant state of duality? I sure don't.

As a Lightworker, you have great wisdom inside of you. You came here to uncover and share that wisdom with others. I truly believe that we hold keys for each others evolution. When one grows and evolves, it unlocks the ability to do the same in another. And so and so on. The beauty of the domino effect. Impact at its finest.

The majority of the Lightworkers that I have met in my life have experienced many life challenges and often traumas. We know what it means to hurt. We know duality. Your quest, dear reader, is to take that duality from your past and current experiences, and dig deep. Feel those feelings. Your feelings are messengers. Let them speak to you and show you the way.

Your healing will help others heal.

Go, little Lightworker, go.

Amy x