Channeling mediumship as a communication

What is Psychic Channeling in Mediumship?

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Phone calls, text messages, emails, video, radio, social media - these are types of channels for communication. These channels for communication are mediums for information to be sent to its intended audience.

A psychic medium is another type of medium for communication; sending information from one party, to be sent to another.

We all channel in our own way. Perhaps you give a pep talk to your child and repeat the words that your parent had said to you in the past. Perhaps, you have been influenced by and have gained inspiration from a professor or public figure over the course of your life and share that wisdom with others in a speech or toast.

When a psychic medium says they are channeling someone/something, it means they are conducting information from someone/something for their intended recipient. A psychic medium can do this with living beings as well as those who have transitioned from their physical selves to their non-physical selves (Spirit).

A fun example of this is that I often can sense my client's pets during a reading (whether in Spirit or living). Recently, during a reading, my clients dog was scratching at the door trying to get into the same room that the client was in. My client scratched their head and said 'This is so weird. He never does this!' Soon after, they let the dog into the room, very specific and relevant information started to come forward from the pet for its owner about its current health challenges!

I often describe my job as a psychic medium as a radio for the Spirit World.

When you turn on your car radio, you expect it will start to play music or commentary. You don't really question how it’s doing that. You just trust that it will.

You know there are radio waves and frequencies, and you know that the radio will play them and you will hear them. You can even switch the dial and play another station from somewhere far away!

”As a psychic medium, I am like that radio.”

I know there are energetic vibrations and frequencies all around every single one of us. Most of us go about our days without even realizing it. I have always been a bit sensitive to these vibrations and frequencies however I had to get very intentional about my desire to connect and communicate with them for my sensitivities to fine tune and develop further.

During a client reading, I often switch between stations. Sometimes I will start doing more of an Intuitive Guidance Reading ; connecting to and bringing forward life guidance and events for someone and then I will have to switch the 'station' to connect to their loved ones in Spirit Mediumship Reading .

I also will go back and forth between the Spirits that are coming through. For example, I will feel I'm connected to my clients father and then I will begin to feel a grandmother. Or the client will ask for someone to come forward specifically. These are all examples of ' turning the dial'.

I truly believe that we all can and do channel information. It may be acting on something that came up in a dream or taking action on a goal. Perhaps it's saying a prayer every night before you go to sleep.

Do you ever feel like you receive guidance and insights seemingly out of nowhere?

Perhaps, you were channeling ;)