Top 5 Signs you are an empath

Top 5 Signs YOU are an Empath

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We hear the word empath used a lot nowadays but what does being an empath really mean? What does it look like? Are they real, born or made?

It's something different then having empathy. We all have varying degrees of empathy as human beings but having empathy for someone is not the same as being an empath. 

Having empathy for someone is having the capacity to understand what another is experiencing from within your own frame of reference. For example, imagining what it must feel like to experience what that other person is going through. 

An empath is someone who is highly aware of the emotions of other people, often even experiencing them as if they were their own feelings.

As you can see, although similar, these are not the same things.

An empath not only could imagine what it would feel like, they also would likely be taking on that person’s emotions in a deep way, as if it was happening to themselves. 

Here are the Top 5 signs YOU are an Empath:

1. You take on other people's emotions as if they're your own.
You notice the changes in body language, demeanour and tone of voice. You tend to notice the slight shifts in behaviour that others may miss. Like an emotional sponge, you take in your surroundings with your senses and become a mirror of sorts.
2. You often feel exhausted or drained after being in a large crowd.
Being around many people means you are likely taking in a lot of energetic feedback. Most of this happens at an internal level, meaning you are not consciously trying to connect or take on the energy of the crowd. 
3. People turn to you for guidance and a shoulder to cry on.
Ever been at a bus stop or a grocery store lineup and a stranger just starts sharing their life story with you? Me too. The energy of an empath feels safe to others and allows others to open up without them planning to. You also are likely the person in your family, friend, coworker circle who everyone comes to for advice.
4. You are a walking lie detector.
Your spidey senses go off big time when someone is not telling you the truth. Your ability to read between the lines and sense when something is amiss comes into play. When you know, you know right?
5. Upsetting or Scary - Movies, TV Shows, News reports are almost intolerable to you.
Because you feel the emotions of others, you likely feel on edge and as if the scenes you are viewing/hearing are actually happening to you. It’s hard to shut that feeling off. You will replay that scene or that news in your mind over and over and will likely feel that it's difficult to separate from it. Empaths are an important and vital part of the human race. The natural healers, the ones who see between the lines  and the advocates for compassion and kindness. As an Empath myself, I understand how deeply we can feel and how overwhelming it can feel at times.  We’ve all heard the saying “Being sensitive is both a blessing and a curse” but I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be a curse. Self awareness and boundaries are the top two priorities for every empath.
Are you an Empath? Stay tuned for next time when I give my top 5 tips for setting boundaries as an Empath.