Amy Describes Psychics vs Mediums

Do you know the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

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"I am a medium who 100% definitely agrees that we all could be mediums"

Hi, everyone this is Amy Brookes of The Intuitive Rising and I am an Evidential Psychic Medium as well as an and a podcast host.

One of the most common questions that I kind of see out and about in you know the internet land as well as one of the most common questions that I'm asked by people is What is the difference between being a psychic and a medium? Are they the same thing can I use them interchangeably? Certainly I have seen the word be used interchangeably quite often.

I felt like it would be beneficial for me as a practicing professional psychic medium to give my opinion and my take on this.  Again, if this is my opinion and my take based on my years of experience, so being psychic and being a medium are two different things in my opinion.

Now, I am a medium who 100% definitely agrees that we all could be mediums whether or not we all will be mediums in this current lifetime, probably not. I do believe that this is a human ability. I don't believe it's just certain chosen ones that can do it.  I believe that like anything certain people are skilled at certain things it does not mean that somebody else couldn't do it.

For example, singing, we all have a singing voice we all have the physical ability to sing however there's some people that are born with perfect pitch, don't need to take any singing lessons, are just amazing singers right off the bat. Some people have a little bit of that skill and are decent singers and they want to become better singers so that they then they would train professionally at some level practice, practice, practice and they would really increase that skill, build that skill until they became a much better singer.  

I believe the same thing about mediumship. I do believe that there are some people that are kind of naturally sensitive this way. I would be one of those people so although I've only been doing this work for the last four or five years, looking back in hindsight I can see that I've always been a medium, I've always been sensitive to the energy of people that are no longer in their physical bodies, but mediumship can be very very subtle so there have been many instances in which I just thought I was very highly imaginative.

Mediumship sometimes is not this big you know scary creepy kind of thing, it never is in my opinion, but for me all I see is energy with my mind's eye.  I'm not seeing physically with my eyeballs, although there have been times that I have kind of seen impressions of energies or shadows or things like that, but for the most part when I sit down and I set my intent to connect to somebody in spirit. Their energy comes in as what we would call mental mediumship and this is the type of mediumship that I would have experienced my whole life and just never really took the time or had the awareness to think okay this is more than imagination. This is actually spared people that took many many years for me to be aware of.

Do I believe that everybody could be a medium? Will they be? No, it would depend on if they have that awareness, they put those puzzle pieces together and if they are naturally sensitive to it what their intention is.  Do they have a desire to do so?  All of those things play a factor, but I do believe that anyone could be a medium to some degree.

What's the difference between that and being Psychic? I believe that everybody has psychic. Everybody is intuitive. Everybody can perceive energy. Anybody can kind of walk into a room and go yeah, there's just some bad vibes in here and feeling that in our physical bodies or the sensation of something's going to happen and then it happens.  Or I was just thinking of you and you just called me, or that you popped into my head and then I ran into you and I haven't even thought about you in 15 years. Things like this, these are very tied into our intuition and our psychic senses.

It's like just like a sixth sense there's levels of sensitivity and awareness with psychic senses, but I believe that we all have them so the reason this question comes up for me at this point in time is because I have noticed that the word is often used interchangeably and I feel that can give some confusion.

What happened was a client of mine reached out and had told me an experience of somebody in her life and this person had been a little bit upset and they had been looking for somebody to do a reading for them and they didn't know that there was any difference between psychic readings and mediumship readings.  They went to see somebody that was calling themselves a Psychic, the reading was fine, things that came up about the person's life and things of the past and things in the future and certainly those things came through and were validated, but this person was really looking for a connection to somebody in spirit for her and that did not happen.  She was a little bit confused and upset. How come that didn't happen? Why does it come in for some people? She had said to her friend. “Why when you went to see Amy did your loved one come through? They didn't when I went to the psychic, does that mean my loved one didn't want to talk to me?”, “What is that all about?”

I felt like it was something that we should talk about. So, we've cleared the air, we understand that in my opinion we all have psychic senses. Some people are tuned in a little bit more and more sensitive to it, but it's there and we've always all experienced it.

I'd also believe that we all could be mediums or tap into the energy of our past loved one if we wanted to. If you know whether it came naturally to us or whether or not we pursued some sort of training in it to build our skills and our sensitivity that way, but they still are different.

If you think of psychic senses kind of like the baseline and then mediumship one level up (I don't say level in the sense that somebody is better than somebody else, I just mean it's an extra layer of perception) you could book a psychic reading with somebody calling themselves a psychic what that means is they are sensitive to the energy around living people.  To see situations to future based things, Psychics have the sixth sense and the ability to interpret the energy and how they feel about you, a living person or somebody else in your life but that does not mean that they also intentionally connect to somebody that is in spirit. In my opinion, if somebody has the ability and wants too and sets the intent to connect to somebody in spirit they would call themselves a psychic medium.

I've heard many many times over the years that every medium is a psychic but not every psychic is a medium and that's essentially what that means. It means if we have the extra layer of mediumship and being able to interpret the messages of people that are no longer in their physical bodies we have to have that baseline that kind of psychic sense in sensitivity baseline in order to build the mediumship skill. If we're operating at the psychic level without setting the intention to tap in further, then we won't.

I truly believe that this work is based on intention.  I think that some of us are naturally called to this and when we set our intention. This is what I would like. This is what I would want. That is what happens.

That's a little bit about the differences between what a psychic and a medium is it's not to say that you're not going to go to somebody and they call themselves a psychic and they also have the ability to connect with spirit sometimes it's just about language and a lot of us will use the term psychic interchangeably.  I see that a lot, I personally don't because I do see the differences so I call myself a psychic medium so you are clear as somebody that would be reaching out to me.  Okay, she's psychic so she has the ability to tap into the energy of what's going on and give me guidance and advice about those things, but the medium part also means that she can connect to my past loved ones.

I’m just putting that out there to kind of give a little bit of differentiation so that you know what the difference is and it's just a matter of being clear with the person that you want to read for you so if you're looking for somebody to read for you and you are not open to connecting to anybody in spirit you really just want some guidance and advice. Connect to somebody that calls themselves, identifies themselves as a psychic and then you can also you know take an extra step by saying “I don't know if you have the ability to also connect with loved ones, but I don't want to connect to anybody in spirit, I'm hoping just to connect to the energy of this situation”.  Usually, readers will have different options and different types of readings with very clear language so you can really pick which one you would like.  If you go to somebody that identifies as a psychic before you book you could also reach out and say “Hey, I'm really hoping for some life guidance but also I would love to connect to my loved one in spirit is that an option”. Getting that information ahead of time because those words can be interchangeably used but they do have differences.