Do you hear your internal self?

Do you experience Clairaudience?

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Clairaudience is a psychic ability that means ‘clear hearing’.

Experiencing clairaudience means that you are able to receive information through extra sensory perception and can hear sounds, voices, etc. via your internal sense of hearing (third eye). I recently read that having a vivid internal dialogue can be a sign of clairaudience!

Perhaps all those conversations you’re having in your head are connected to your ability to channel guidance and insight from the spirit world!

As a medium who works with all of the psychic senses, I have many experiences of spirit using my ‘internal hearing’ to convey messages to their loved ones during a client reading. A recent example of this was during a client reading in which I was connected to someone’s loved one. After he gave me some evidence of how he looked, he further identified himself by saying ‘I’m G’. I’ve learned to always trust the evidence I’m receiving in a reading and not to question it so without hesitation I said “He says he is G, does this make sense to you?” In my own thought process I wondered if he had a G initial or if this was his way to say I’m grandpa but I tried not to try to make it make sense for me and just give what he said. The client said ‘Yes, this makes sense. His initials aren’t G but he is my grandfather. He says I am G because I called him G-Dawg!”

Wow. Of course he would identify this way because it was a meaningful way to show his granddaughter that he was here.

Clairaudience can be very obvious or very subtle. Sometimes I will hear something loud and clear like “I’m G!” or I will hear the lyrics of a song play clearly. Other times, It will sound as it the message is coming from a distant place and its more difficult to discern. Almost like someone is talking in the next room from you and you can hear the muffled conversation.

Some ways that you may also experience clairaudience are:
  • You have a very vivid inner dialogue! You have conversations with yourself and you receive A-HA insights and revelations through them. You may ask yourself a question and then clearly hear the answer.
  • You hear music or lyrics in your minds eye! They just pop in out of nowhere.
  • You sometimes hear someone calling your name or talking to you but no one is around.
  • You experience ringing in your ears at times (not to be confused with any medical conditions).
  • You often can read between the lines. You have a sense of what someone is trying to say without them saying it out loud.
  • You may be hyper vigilant or a bit jumpy when it comes to loud noises.
  • You are a good listener.
  • You really enjoy listening to music – lyrics and/or instrumental.

It’s important to note that receiving messages clairaudiently will not feel distressing to you. I recently read an article about clairaudience where someone asked how do I know that the voices I am hearing are spirit and not a sign of mental illness? This is a very valid and important question and one most of us likely have contemplated when it comes to our own internal sense of hearing. Hearing distressing messages or voices is not a sign of clairaudience. The Spirit world, your guides and your higher self would never want to distress you. Messages received through your intuition this way will have a level of detachment to them. They won’t feel emotional or anxiety producing. It may feel like a simple statement comes in that you know you didn’t actively think or bring forward.

I’ll leave you with an example of this. Imagine you are feeling a bit confused about which direction to take with your relationship. You ask yourself, out loud or in your mind, “What am I supposed to do now?” And you then hear in your mind “You deserve more. You need to leave.” You didn’t actively think that answer, it just appeared! This is how you will receive guidance from your loved ones in spirit and your higher self.

Clairaudience is often a ‘one and done’ kind of message. It doesn’t get repeated over and over (that is more likely your anxiety) and it will feel slightly detached in the sense you feel you heard it from something other than your own thoughts.

Clairaudience is a gift and one that can be nurtured through trusting in it!