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Are your Thoughts your Emotions?

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I've been learning about our thoughts and the role of our thoughts and the role of our emotions. Knowing what we're supposed to do with them and how they can impact us and potentially hold us back from what we're here to do on the earth plane.

Are you your thoughts and your emotions? Most of us might go well, yeah. I’m actively thinking them, I am feeling them, but then who is it that's observing it who's hearing them who's feeling it?

Could it be that you are observing and witnessing thoughts and emotions?

We all have these human thoughts, it's universal. My work has really provided me with evidence. I, too, have invasive thoughts or anxious thoughts or think a person doesn't like me, I can't do this, I’m not worthy or whatever.

Something that has been really freeing for me is to think about those thoughts and emotions as somebody else's.

I'll just give you an example. You're on the bus, the subway or whatever it is. There are people in front of you that are gossiping, talking badly, whatever it is they're doing just negative talk and you're listening to it. You have a choice.

You can insert yourself in that conversation. You can get offended by what they're saying. You can take things personal. You can get caught up in it; or You can sit back and observe.

Just watch the show, just listen, just observe.

Not taking anything personal. Not internalizing anything. Not interjecting anything.

What if we thought of who we really are underneath it all. The soul of us.

What if we're just like along for the ride, we're here to observe, we're here to learn, but we're also here not get caught up in the outside stuff.

If you think of life like a movie.

You're observing You're watching
You get to choose if you want to interact with that.

Next time you have an invasive kind of thought think about it that way. Who is the one hearing this invasive thought? This thought is outside of me. It's just a thought, it's not my reality, it doesn't hold any meaning or value. It’s not a reflection of me. I'm just observing somebody else's gossip.

You can see how if you get in the habit of thinking about it that way it can potentially be life changing. You no longer take those thoughts as face value.

I'm hearing, I'm observing but that's not me. I'm the one that's hearing it, not the one that's thinking it. Not the one that's saying it, therefore I don't need to feel it.

Our emotions are messengers, emotions are trying to tell us something. When we're feeling feeling sadness, when we're feeling like we're stuck and when we're feeling frustration or joy. There is a message in that emotion and when we think about the more positive emotions like joy and happiness and excitement, we have attached our natural preference.

We must be doing something right, but when the emotion is something that is not as positive.

Maybe it's envy Maybe it's sadness Maybe it's rage Maybe it's frustration

Which doesn't align with our preference of wanting to feel good and positive all the time. We get overwhelmed with the emotion, we internalize the emotion, we critique and judge these things. We allow that emotion to become us. We think that emotion is a reflection of us.

What if we thought about emotions as simply stored energy in our bodies whether from this lifetime, from previous lifetimes or from your ancestral line.

I know many of us can see how things kind of run through our families, certain mindsets or challenges, that’s something that we would say runs in the ancestral line. It's an inherited behavior mindset, but it's also something that you've learned and you've seen and you've kind of been conditioned too.

What if all of these little emotions are like stored data, stored cells, stored energy and they really have nothing to do with you. They're just in there and they just want to be heard. They have a message and they just want to be let out every time we try to run away or numb an emotion.

Think about an emotion like say rage. It wants to come out, it's like I'm trying to tell you something about this, I'm trying to teach you something about this maybe it's you're feeling rage because you're in a situation that's totally wrong for you and your soul is literally screaming at you to get out of the situation.

What if it we thought about things like intuition, like thoughts, like emotions, as guidance. It's not a reflection of you. Remember you're observing it, but what can you do about your situation sometimes, especially us sensitive folk which you probably are if you're watching this. The receivers of the collective energy. Extra sensitive to what's happening in the planets, the cosmos or with our fellow people. We are picking up on that under energy like a little sponge and then we feel overwhelmed and anxious and we internalize it.

What if you thought of yourself as a radio. A radio is just the vehicle for which the frequencies the music plays. It's not creating the music, it's not sitting there internalizing music, it's not judging itself on the kind of music its playing. It's simply allowing the music to flow through it.

If you're feeling heavy emotionally, if you're feeling overwhelmed and you've kind of sat with the emotion, you've allowed the message to come through and maybe there's little tiny baby steps of things that you can change in your life currently.

Sometimes I will feel that way and I'll kind of go through all the steps and I'll think is this bothering me, is this happening and i kind of come to the realization. Okay, this really has nothing to do with me.

I am just that sponge that energetic sponge that is picking up on the universal kind of upheaval and I just needed to move to allow it to move through me without internalizing, without judging.

Just let it move through you.

I have found that when I do that on a rough day. I might go okay. I've done everything I can do.

I'm well rested I'm well hydrated I've eaten I don't have any issues going on in my relationships. I don't have any deadlines looming over me, I've taken care of everything I can do

If I'm still feeling overwhelmed I'm just going to allow myself to have a day where I take it easy and I practice some self-care.

These little examples are a way to kind of give yourself some visuals and insights into your thoughts and emotions.

We cause ourselves a lot of issues as humans as we tend to internalize everything around us all the time and a lot of times it really has nothing to do with us.

I keep hearing in my mind

Not my circus Not my monkey

I think that's a good way to end.