What is Clairvoyance?

Am I Clairvoyant?

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Clairvoyance is one of the more well known psychic abilities and means ‘clear seeing’.

Clairvoyance means that you’re able to receive information through extra sensory perception and can see images, visions, symbols, colours, etc. in your minds eye or third eye. I truly believe that those of us who would resonate with being highly imaginative may also be clairvoyant; or at least I would consider it to be a sign of clairvoyant abilities.

You’ve likely experienced a clairvoyant experience and maybe you didn’t recognise it for what it is!

A mental medium such as myself, receives evidential information from a Spirit during a mediumship reading utilizing the psychic senses including clairvoyance. A real life example of clairvoyance in my life came up in a recent client mediumship session. I was shown a photo a man who I estimated to be around 25-35. He had light hair and skin and I saw a full head of hair that was parted to the side. I was seeing this image in black and white which is usually a symbol for me that the Spirit person is referring to a photo that the sitter is aware of. Although my client didn’t know her loved one back when he was this young, she did have the exact photo in her home that I was describing and knew exactly what and who I was connecting with!

Clairvoyance can be very subtle and confused with our imagination and this is why so many of us miss what it is that we are really experiencing. Perhaps, you see the image of an older woman in your mind while you are hanging out with a friend but you aren’t sure why. You think “Oh, it’s just my imagination!” but what if it was more than that? What if you were actually seeing a passed loved one of your friend? I experienced clairvoyance like this my whole life and it wasn’t until I began to share what I was “imagining” that I realized it was actually Spirit communicating with me! Obviously we must use discernment when sharing these things with others as many are not open to it or may be frightened by what you see and tell them. In the beginning of my development when I began to discover that what I was seeing in my minds eye was in fact Spirit, I always made sure to ask permission from the person who I was connecting to before I said anything about it. I began to practice with willing friends and family. This is how my confidence in my clairvoyance (among the other psychic senses which I will talk about in another blog post) grew to be where it is today as a professional psychic medium.

Some signs that you may experience clairvoyance are:

  • You see flashes of lights, orbs, shadows, colours with your minds eye and maybe also your naked eye
  • You spend a lot of time ‘zoning out’ or daydreaming. Remember I said clairvoyance and the imagination are connected?
  • You see people, places, things in your minds eye and you don’t know why and perhaps don’t know who or what these people and places are.
  • You have vivid and/or lucid dreams. Do you have very vivid dreams? Do you remember them when you wake up and feel they hold meaning or have a message for you?
  • You appreciate visually beautiful things! You are especially fond of art, photography, creative endeavours. You love to watch a good sunset! You gain inspiration through these types of things. This is because clairvoyance is connected to your visual senses.
  • You may see aura’s around people or animals.
  • You’re likely a big picture thinker and can see how things ‘fit’ together.

Having clairvoyant abilities is a gift.

You are the dreamers and the doers.

The ones who gain inspiration and A-Ha’s moment from the simple things in life.

The inventors and the artists.

You bring the invisible into the visible and that is a gift you give to us all.

Do you have clairvoyant abilities?