4 Steps to Manifest Love the Right Way

4 Steps to Manifest the Right Love in your Life

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Manifestation has become a mainstream topic of conversation and a ‘buzz word’ term in the last few years.

No longer is the concept of manifestation just a ‘New Age’ one. Manifestation seems to have become everyone’s goal but to actually manifest something or someone into our life, we must understand what it truly means.

Manifesting our best life is not just as simple as saying it.

In my work as a Medium and Intuitive Mentor, I teach others how to properly manifest something into reality with the following 4 steps (The 4 D’s I like to call them):

  1. Declaration:
    Get very clear on what it is you actually really want to bring into your life. If it is a romantic relationship you desire, it’s helpful to get clear on what it is you don’t want as well as the things you do. Words have power so it’s very important to be as clear as possible when declaring your intentions to the Universe. Write down a list of all the qualities that you absolutely are not okay with in a potential love interest. What has your past experiences and relationships taught you about what is non-negotiable in a new relationship? It’s very powerful to tell the Universe what it is that you absolutely do not want rather than only focusing on what it is you do want. Think about the potential difference in a general declaration that you want a tall, dark and handsome person in your life vs. a more specific one in declaring you want someone who is emotionally mature and ready for a long-term commitment? You just got way more intentional and clearer by addressing what you really want by focusing also on what you don’t want.
  2. Daydreaming:
    Whoever told us it wasn’t productive to daydream did not understand manifestation. Spend some time thinking about/daydreaming how your life will be when this new love arrives. What do you feel like? What will your days look like? How do they make you feel? Spend a little time every day imagining this and feeling into it as if it’s already happened. The mind and body connection is so strong! Your body does not know this blissful moment isn’t already happening. Being in this good energy will raise your energy and vibration and will create a ripple effect into the Universe. Plus, you’ll feel good in the moment which is never a bad thing!
  3. Doing:
    This is the part of manifesting that most of us skip by. We must take some action towards the things that we want to manifest into our lives. We cannot just talk the talk; we must also walk the walk! Show the Universe how much you want it by taking some actionable steps towards your desires. This could look like joining a dating site rather than waiting for fate to have you bump into each other organically or trying new things with the intention of widening your circle and potential for meeting someone new. This step is likely to stretch us a little out of our comfort zone. Stretch! If we want something new, we have to do something new!
  4. Delegate:
    This may be the toughest of them all but it's the final and most important part of manifesting! After we’ve declared what it is we actually want, spend time daydreaming about the love of your life, take action towards our desires by doing things that show our commitment to our intentions, the only thing left to do is delegate the rest to the Universe! It’s also important to feel gratitude for where you currently are in life. Show gratitude for the experiences you’ve had and for all the comforts you have in your life already. Showing gratitude is like the cherry on top when it comes to manifestation. The Universe will know you’re truly ready for more because you are grateful for what you already have. Congrats! You’ve done all you can do. Now you must surrender that your wishes will be met. Repeat these steps as often as you wish and trust that the love of your life is making their way to you.

One of my clients told me that she manifested her husband by imagining her future husband down to the tiniest details. What kind of work he’d do, what his interests might be, and even what kind of clothing he would wear! She emptied out half of her closet to make room for his clothing. She was making space for him to show up and he did!

You can use the 4D’s of manifesting in any area of your life! When it comes to manifesting another person into our lives, it's important that we are also working at being our best selves. This is the time to ‘do the work’ and improve your relationship with yourself as you wait for your next relationship to appear. You are not only the manifestation of someone else's dreams but your own too!