Are you a lightworker?
How do you do a virtual reading
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Does it matter if I receive a reading in person or online? Is my Psychic near or far from me, and does distance matter?


One of the most common misconceptions I see and hear about Mediumship/Psychic readings are that they must be done by a local psychic and in person in order to be accurate or real. I've had clients who were looking ...

My Top 3 Spiritual Book Recommendations
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It’s no secret that I am a voracious reader and always have been. I love to lose myself in a great book!

In the last 5 years, I’ve discovered my love for Spiritual development type reads and I love to share what I’m reading with my community. In fact, one of the most common questions I receive is ‘Can you recommend any books for someone at ...

Lets Talk about Empaths and Boundaries
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Last week, I talked about some of the ways in which you will know you are an Empath (someone who takes on and feels the emotions of others as if they were your own) and as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive who is a highly sensitive person and fellow empath (whew!), I can tell ...

LIVE Reading with Amy!
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Hi there, my name is Amy Brookes I'm an Evidential Psychic Medium as well as an Intuitive Mentor. What that means is I do one-on-one readings, group readings as well as work with people one-on-one in a mentorship way helping people develop and trust their inner voice and their intuition.   What you're about to watch is a live mediumship demonstration ...

Amy Describes Psychics vs Mediums
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Transcript of video

"I am a medium who 100% definitely agrees that we all could be mediums"

Hi, everyone this is Amy Brookes of The Intuitive Rising and I am an Evidential Psychic Medium as well as an and a podcast ...

Top 5 Signs you are an empath
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We hear the word empath used a lot nowadays but what does being an empath really mean? What does it look like? Are they real, born or made?

It's something different then having empathy. We all have varying degrees of empathy as human beings but having empathy for someone is not the same as being an empath. 

Having empathy for someone ...

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